Scheduling a meeting is a great way to keep your team up to date on business events. Outlook can schedule a meetings using the standard E-mail notifications or using the Scheduling Assistant. This article illustrates how to use Outlook to schedule meetings and scheduling them using the Scheduling assistant.

Scheduling a Meeting Standard

When scheduling a meeting, all set attendees receive an invitation in the form of an E-mail. When the invitation is sent, a tentative appointment will appear by default on the attendees' calendar.

1. Open your Outlook 2013 Client.

2. Click the Calendar button located in the bottom left corner of Outlook.

3. Once the ribbon has adjusted to reflect calendaring options, select New Meeting.

4. Begin by selecting the Meeting Attendees by choosing them from the To field. Selecting the To field will bring up, by default, your organization's Global Address List. Choosing the attendee will set them in the Required field. Once all attendees have been selected, click OK.

5. Finish the invitation by adding in the Subject and Location of the meeting, and click Send.

Scheduling a Meeting using the Scheduling Assistant

Microsoft Outlook's Scheduling Assistant is a tool, which allows you to invite groups of people to meetings or events without having to email them individually.

Note: The scheduling assistant will view similar to a spread-sheet. This view is capable of displaying a variety of scheduling options as well as Free/Busy information. AutoDiscover is required for Free/Busy information to display correctly.

1. After selecting a New meeting, select the Scheduling Assistant button to begin.

2. First, start by adding all attendees and rooms to the All Attendees column. Any meetings or events will be displayed in the center frame for each available user.

3. A long the bottom the assistant you can find the Start and End time scheduling for this meeting. Set the appropriate Day, Time and Time Zone the meeting will occur. For additional aid, you can select a preset time from the Suggested times: panel.

4. Click Send when finished.