The following article explains the steps necessary to add an Exchange user or Contact to a Distribution List. 

1. Log into the Administrative Control Panel, at

2. Under the My Current Services section, choose the Microsoft Exchange drop down menu.

3. Within the Microsoft Exchange menu select Distribution Lists.

4. All created Distribution Lists will be located under the Distribution List Name column. Simply Select the desired list you wish to add a user or contact to and Choose Edit Distribution List at the top of the table. 

5. The center table will populate with all of your distribution lists. Under the Group Membershipsection is where you will find your current listed members and the ability to add new members. At the bottom of the page, Select Load Available Members.

6. This will produce a new column from which you are able to choose any User Mailbox or Contact from the members list. Simply select a user or contact and press the Add Selected button. You can select as many users necessary to complete the Distribution List.