This article takes you through the steps needed to take for creating document libraries or lists. 

Note: This can only be performed after incoming mail has been enabled.

1. Access your SharePoint site. Select Site Actions.


2. Create a new list or document library.


3. Select Document Library (in Example 1.) Give the list or document library a name as in example 2.

Example 1.


Example 2.


4. Select “Yes” to Allow this document library to receive e-mail.



5. Enter an alias for the list/library. For a document library it should be named something like “<customer domain_DocLibX>” (

Note:  The alias will be an internal email address (i.e.


To prevent confusion this needs to be a strict naming convention and please understand this address will not be used to send to the Library and is only an internal address.

6.  Create a contact using the Control Panel and use the Document Library address as the email address.

Support Article: How to Create a Contact.

7. Create a Distribution List and add the Contact to the List or Document Library.

Note: To create a distrubution list, simply access the control panel using the administrative credentials, under "My Services" on the left, select Microsoft Exchange > Distribution Lists, then simply add whichever members you would like to receive mail from this list, for further information on adding members, please consult the following Knowledge Base article:

How to Add Members to a Distribution List.

You are now ready to accept incoming email.