Customer rulesThis article will help you how to create custom rules for the CanIt SPAM software

 Field: Specifies what part of the email to match:


      Subject - match subject. 
     Sender - match sender.
     Recipient - match recipient. 
     HELO - matches the name given by the SMTP client in the HELO command.
     Relay - matches host name of the SMTP client.

     Relay Address - matches the sending relay's IP address. 
     Header - matches numeric IP address. 
     Body - matches against all lines in the body.

     RawBody - Matches against any line in the raw, un-decoded MIME message. 

 Relation: Describes how the match should be performed:


      Contains - looks for data in the specified field.

     Does not contain - looks for what is NOT in the specified field.
     Starts With - looks in the specified field FOR data which starts with the specified entry. 
     Ends With - looks in the specified field for data that ends with the specified entry.
     IS - matches if the field is exactly the data.

     Matches RegExp - Treats the data as a Regular Expression, and matches if the field matches the given regular expression. This is a power-user search tool and should not be employed without understanding.


 Data: Text to match.

 Score: The number of points to add or subtract. Do not use unless you are familiar with this. 

 Expiry: Optional expiry date for rule.

 Comment: Description of rule. 

1) Log in using your credentials at the provided URL:

2) Once logged into the CanIt software, in the main menu select "Rules". Then select 'Custom Rules'.

3) Use the guide at the beginning of the article to create your rule.

4) Click 'Add Rule' when finished.