The CanIt Spam software by Roaring Penguin can detect 98 % + of spam with a low false positive rate, validating viable messages, and weeding out the junk. 


The CanIt SPAM Software uses a variety of techniques to detect junk messages including, but not limited to : keyword search, header analysis, message format analysis, Bayesian statistical analysis, blacklists, whitelists, greylists, open proxy lists, DNS verification, SpamAssassin™ content-filtering rules sender policy framework (SPF), custom rules and more.


The web based user interface lets users easily set filter policies, create custom rules and review the spam quarantine. Every user receives a customizable spam quarantine report by e-mail, and can use a defined template to fit your organization or business.


Other features included in the CanIt SPAM Software:


- Automatically queues all incoming mail for up to five days until the server comes back on line, at which point all queued mail is delivered.
- Removes the threat of denial of service and directory harvest attacks on your email server.
- As much or as little control over filtering spam as you like. From a simple “Just make it all go away” to “Control over every feature and setting."