This article explains how to set up a default personal view.

For each type of record, you can specify the default view that you will see when you navigate to a list of those records.

1. In CRM, navigate to the Accounts view (Or any record you want to change). The default view for Accounts is My Active Accounts

2. Click the view selector (arrow for the drop down box)

3. Select the view that you want for the default view.

4. On the ribbon, select the View tab.

5. Click the Set Default View button. The next time you log into CRM and select the Accounts record, the view you set will show up first.

6. If you do not log out of CRM and click on a different record, if you go back into Accounts, it will display the last view you were viewing. The only time your default view will show up first is when you log out and back in.