This article explains how to customize a form in CRM 2011. There are two ways you can customize a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 form. The most common forms are the LeadAccount, andOpportunity forms. One way to customize these forms is by making changes to the form itself. The other is from is from the Settings screens.

Customizing A Form By Making A Change to the Form

1. In CRM, click on Sales, then LeadsOpportunities, or Accounts. (The form you want to customize)

2. Once the LeadsOpportunities, or Accounts list appears, click New.

3. Once the new form appears, click the Customize tab, then Form.

4. In the form, outlines around the cells and fields indicates the ability to edit the form. The fields on the right are pre-configured fields you can add to the form.  For any new fields, click the New Field button. 

5. When in the New Field form, fill out the necessary information. Once you save the custom field, the only part that you can edit is the Type field. 

6. To add a pre-configured field to the form, simply drag the field into the form until a red line appears. This will indicate where the field will reside.

7. Once you are done, click Save and then Publish.

Customize A Form From the Settings Screen

The other way to add fields to a form is through Settings - Customize the System - Entities. Select the form you would like to edit (Lead, Account, Opportunity). This is the only place you can delete unwanted fields that you have created.