Opportunities are used to help track potential sales and can also track the activities of the opportunity by using tasks, phone calls, and e-mails. This article will show you how to use some of the basic functions opportunities allow for.

Creating An Opportunity

1. In CRM, click on the Sales section on the left hand side.

2. Select Opportunities from the left hand side.

3. Click the Add New Opportunity button.

4. Required topics include TopicPotential Customer, and  Currency.

5. Fill out Est. RevenuePotential CustomerProbability, and Est. Closing Date if needed.

6. Click Save.

Closing An Opportunity

1. Open the opportunity.

2. On the ribbon, click on the Close As Won button.

3. Select OK.

Reopen An Opportunity

1. Navigate to the opportunities view.

2. Click on the View list and select Closed Opportunities.

3. Double-click on the closed opportunity, click the Reopen Opportunity button.

4. Click OK.