Leads represent potential customers that can be qualified or disqualified based on criteria set by your company.

How To Qualify A Lead

When you qualify a lead, you create one or more of the following record types: Account, Contact, or Opportunity. Selecting Open Newly Created Records will open the records selected once the lead has been qualified.

1. In CRM, select the Sales tab on the left hand side.

2. Double click on the lead that will be converted.

3. On the ribbon, select Qualify.

4. Select what you would like the lead to be converted into. (ie: Account, Contact, Opportunity)

5.  Select the Open Newly Created Records.

6. Click OK.

How To Disqualify A Lead

You can choose to disqualify a lead if no follow up is needed. Disqualifying just deactivates it and does not delete it. When you disqualify a lead, you can select a reason why you decided to disqualify the record. The default values are: Lost, Cannot Contact, No Longer Interested, and Cancelled.

1. In CRM, select the Sales tab on the left hand side.

2. In the Application pane on the left side, click the arrow on the leads link, then click NEW

3. Enter the Topic, First + Last Name, Company name

4. Scroll down to the Details group, in the Lead source section, click the arrow next to Lead Source, Select Web

5. Click Save.

6.On the ribbon, click the Qualify button to open the Convert Lead box.

7. Select Disqualify

8. Click the arrow in the status list, select a reason.

9. Click OK.