Levels of Contract Status

1. Draft - After a contract is created, it automatically goes into draft status. This is the default option and allows you full access to it for modifications or updates.

2. Invoiced - After the contract is ready for use, it can be invoiced (from the Actions menu). After you invoice the contract,you cannot edit the dates, contract names, and contract ID.

3. Active - A contract still in draft status moves to active status automatically after the beginning date set in the contract is reached. As with Invoiced contracts, you cannot edit the dates, contract names, and contract ID after the contract becomes active.

4. Expired - A contract expires automatically on the end date set in the contract. Once this happens, you cannot open new cases against it. (You can close existing cases though). You can also renew the expired contract. When renewing, you can edit the start and end dates, Contract Name, as well as billing information.

5. Canceled - You can cancel (from the Actions menu) a contract that is active or invoiced, but you cannot edit canceled contracts.

6. On Hold - You can place a contract on hold (from the Actions menu). While on hold, you cannot log cases against it. To take it off hold, choose Release Hold from the Actions menu.