This method of Outlook client Account/Profile management is the recommended method of configuration and does not use the Outlook application set up wizard. This is intended to eliminate configuration errors by using only the specific parts of the application as necessary for the configuration. 

NOTE: Removing an Outlook profile from the desktop application removes all data, messages, and contacts for that profile from the local device only. Data will remain intact on the server to be downloaded when the profile is re-added. When rebuilding the profile this data and settings for the past year will be restored from the server. If using POP back up everything before removing the profile for data retention. 

1) Exit and close the Outlook application client. 

2) Open your Windows Control Panel by Selecting your start Menu > Settings > Type Control Panel within the search field and click the Control Panel Icon.

3) In the upper-right hand corner choose the Control Panel View By to Small Icons and search for Mail, Mail (32bit), or Outlook 2016 Mail and select it.

4) A new Mail Setup window will open and present three buttons. Choose the Email Accounts or the Show Profiles button depending on which configuration you wish to apply.

5) A new window should appear listing all available Outlook Accounts/Profiles. If configuring an Account you will have the option for "New" or for "Remove" to configure a new Account or to remove one. If configuring a Profile you will have the option for "Add" or for "Remove" to configure a new Profile or to remove one. 

6) If removing an Account or Profile it is recommended to restart the Computer. This will ensure any cached or corrupt data is completely removed. Once the computer reboots perform steps 1 through 3 to return to the Control Panel in order to recreate the Account or Profile.