Your management console allows you to get an overview of your multi-site deployment. You can view multiple dashboards at the same time, get overviews for a specific dashboard, and drill down for additional information on a specific site.


To view multi-site summaries:


  1. Log in to the management console.

    The management console displays, with the Sites tab active.


  1. Click the Dashboard tab.

    Note: With the exception of the Threat Detection History and Device Activations charts, only endpoints running agent version onwards will accurately be represented in the dashboard totals. Migrated keycodes may cause slight anomalies in counts during this Beta launch

    The Dashboard tab displays.

    In the upper left corner is a Dashboard Summary bar, which gives you an overview of all of your sites.

  2. To view additional site information, hover over the word Sites.

    The system displays a site overview.

    In the Chart area, the system displays the following types of default charts:

    • Threat Detection History — A historic view of all threats encountered over a seven day period.
    • Device Activations — A historic view of new device activations over a seven day period.
    • Managed by Policy — Count of devices which are managed versus unmanaged.
    • Agent version Spread — Count of WSA agent versions installed.
    • Realtime Shield Status — Count of devices with their Reatime shied on and off.
    • Expired Status — Count of devices which are on an expired keycode.
    • Remediation Status — Count of devices with remediation, or clean up, enabled by default.

  1. To configure which sites will display in the dashboard, click the Site Filter button.

    The system displays the Site Filter window.

  2. Do one of the following: 
    • Select the All radio button to display all sites.
    • Select the Select sitesradio button, and then, in the window that displays, select the sites you want to display. 
      • To select all sites, click the Select all button.
      • To select no sites, click the Select none button.


  1. In the upper right corner, click on one of the following toggle buttons to change the layout of the dashboards:
    • One column
    • Two columns
    • Three columns
    • Four columns


  1. Additionally, you can drag and drop any of the dashboards to a new location.

  2. To put the dashboards in their original locations, click the Reset dashboard button.

  3. To drill down for additional information about each site, hover over the chart, then click on the window that displays. 

    The system displays additional about the sites.


  4. For additional information, click the name of the site.

    The Hostname and Keycode information display.

  5. In the Hostname column, click the link to drill further down. 

    The Endpoint Information window displays with the following tabs:

    • Endpoint — Includes information about the Hostname, the Current User, Device Type, Internal IP, and MAC Address.
    • Webroot SecureAnywhere — Includes information about the Keycode, the Version, Expiration Date, Days Remaining.
    • Scan Information — Includes information about the Last Scan, Total Number of Scans, Scheduled Scan Time.
    • Shields — Includes information about which shields have been activated.


  1. When you're done, click the Close button.