Importing Overrides

Under the overrides page at both management console and Site level, you can now import overrides from existing sites. This procedure is useful for administrators who wish to copy identical overrides from one site to another, instead of manually having to create the same override for each site.

For Super Admins, this also means they can pull up overrides from a site, to then make global, and apply to all other sites which have the global overrides option selected.

Follow this procedure to import either whitelist or blacklist overrides.

To import an override:

  1. Log in to the management console.

    The management console displays, with the Sites tab active.

  2. Click the Overrides tab.

    The Overrides tab displays, with the File Whitelist tab active.

  1. Click the Import button.

    The Import Overrides window displays.

  2. From the Site to import overrides from drop-down menu, select the site from where you want to import overrides.

  3. Based on your needs, select any of the following checkboxes:
    • Remove Redundant Overrides — Selecting this checkbox will not import overrides where the override matches the file determination, for example, a Whitelist entry for an MD5 which already has a determination of Good.
    • Overwrite Existing Overrides — Selecting this checkbox determines whether any duplicate overrides within the imported list should override those already present.
    • Include Policy Based Overrides — Allows the importation of overrides created in the Standard Console that were assigned only to a particular policy within the selected import site/console. Note that ability to assign overrides to a policy is a feature only available in the Standard Console. 
  4. When you’re done, click the Import button.

    The system imports all overrides from that site into your currently selected site.