Displaying Scan Histories

Follow this procedure to display a list of every scan that has taken place for a particular device, including any threats that have been found during the scan.

To display a scan history:

  1. Log in to the management console.
  1. Click the Groups tab.
  1. From the All sites drop-down menu, select the site you'd like to filter on.

The system displays the device you filtered on for.

  1. To display all devices again, from the All sites drop-down menu, select All Sites.

  1. Click on a device you want to display a scan history for.

The Summary panel displays with the Summary tab active.

  1. Click the Scan History tab.

The scan history for that device displays, including the following information:

    • Scan Date
    • Scan Result
    • Scan Type

If any threats are detected, you can click on the file name to view information about the infection encountered.

  1. Click the OK button after you are done reviewing the information to return to the Scan History tab.

  1. When you're done, click the Back to Device List button to return to the list of devices.