Viewing Devices That Need Attention

Follow this procedure to view information about devices with a status of Needs Attention.

To view a device that needs attention:

  1. Log in to the management console.

    The management console displays, with the Sites tab active.

  2. Click the Groups tab.

    The Groups tab displays.

  3. Select a device with the status of the Needs Attention that you want to view, and double-click.

    The Status Panel for the device you selected displays.

  4. The Device Info column on the left displays the name of the device, as well as the following information:
    • Status — The status of the device. For more information, see Device Management Overview.
    • Last Seen — The date and time the last time the device checked in with the system.
    • Current User — The last name of the admin who is currently logged in and displaying the Status Panel.
  5. The main part of the panel displays information about the following:

    • Site
    • Operating System
    • Network
    • Protection
    • Properties
    • Shields
  6. Click any of the following three tabs for additional information:
    • Summary — Displays a summary of information about the device.
    • Infections Encountered — Displays a list of the infections encountered on this device.
    • Blocked URLs — Displays a list of any URLs that were blocked by the Web Threat Shield program. From this tab you can also add a web override to any URL that you don't want blocked. For more information, see Adding Web Overrides to Devices.
    • Scan History — Displays a list of every scan that has taken place for a particular device, including any threats that have been found during the scan. For more information, see Displaying Scan Histories.
  7. To view detailed information about the infection, click the Infections Encountered tab, then click on the infection whose information you want to view.

    The File Information window displays.

    When you're done viewing the information, click the OK button.

  8. To send a clean command to the device, click the Cleanup button.

  9. When you're done, click the Back to Device List button.