1. To begin, log in to your Control Panel at http://cp.securembox.com using your accounts administrative credentials or user address assigned administrative privileges.

2. Under My Users, select the Create New User link to begin adding users.

3. When creating a new user, please populate all required fields and Select Next to complete the user information before selecting Save and Add Services. You will find a brief description of the required fields below.

  • Display Name: This is the name of which the user is displayed as. For example, Test User
  • Logon: This is the User Principle Name or Email address used to log into the user's mailbox.
  • Password: The password used to log into all services.
  • Alternative Email: This field is used to retrieve Forgotten Password requests and used or user side Welcome Letter.

4. To enable Microsoft Exchange services, for your user, you will need to navigate to the My Catalog section and select Hosted Services. Once the Hosted Services Catalog page properly populates, Under Email, Select Microsoft Exchange to expand the service. Simply add in the desired license quantity you desire. Select the desired Spam Filtering service, by default Roaring Penguin spam services, should be selected.

5.  Choose Submit Order to save the desired Licenses.

6. Return back to your User List, under My Users, and select the newly created user. At the top of the middle frame, choose Edit User. Select the Microsoft Exchange tab and enable the service by placing the slider to the on position. The Manage Services window will appear and list how many available licenses you have to assign. Select the desired Mailbox Type and click the Enable Exchange Service button.