The following steps instruct you on how to access your Exchange email, contacts, and calendar using a Kindle Fire 2nd generation device (for example, Kindle Fire HD).

1. From the home screen, tap Apps > Email.

2. If you haven’t created an email account on your Kindle before, on the Add Account page, tap Exchange e-mail, contacts, calendar. If you already have one or more email accounts on your Kindle Fire, tap the menu icon > Settings > Add Account > Exchange e-mail, contacts, calendar.

Note: Kindle Fire 1 generation devices require you to download an E-mail application from the App Store.

3. On the Add Exchange Account page, Type in your Name,E-mail Address and Mailbox Password and Tap Next.

4. On the Exchange Server Settings screen, fill in the name of your Exchange server. The exchange server may differ depending on the service you currently consume.

Exchange 2010:
Exchange 2013:

5. The Domain box will be populated with the text Optional. Leave the Domain text box empty.

6. In Username, type your full email address and confirm your Mailbox password is correct.

7. Under Security settings, make sure Use Secure Connection (SSL) is selected. Do not select Accept all SSL certificates and Click Next.

8. When the Remote security administration warning appears, simple Read through the security warning, and then tap OK.