A alias is simply an alternate address a mailbox can receive email from. Lets use the mailbox john@orangeenvelope.com as an example. If John wants to receive email at the address john.smith@orangeenvelope.com or jsmith@orangeenvelope.com he can simply add them as alias's. E-mail sent to those alternate addresses will show up in the user's mailbox. Here are a few things to know about adding alias's.

- Once a alias is added to an exchange mailbox, it will take up to 60 minutes for it to receive email from outside our network. This is due to the system that synchronizes the Active Directory is automatically initiated every 60 minutes.

- You can add an unlimited amount of alias's per mailbox.

** Note: Each created email alias can be viewed by selecting the drop down menus under Primary alias or Remove Alias

Log into the Administrative Control Panel at https://my.securembox.com.

2. Under My Users, select User List / Editor.

3. From the Active User List you will see the Complete User List of every configured mailbox. Select the user, you wish to add the aliases to, and select Microsoft Exchange from the User Management column.

4. Once the Microsoft Exchange column populates, scroll down to the Alias Section. To add a new alias, remove or edit existing aliases, click on the primary alias.

5. The Manage Aliases column is now populated. From here you can now add any email alias, the user has requested, by filling in the new alias and selecting Add Alias. This column also allows you to remove any unwanted Email Aliases or set added aliases as their new primary login alias.