This article explains the steps on what to do when an Employee has been let go or has resigned from the Company.

Option 1

Backup The Users Mailbox

You will need to Export the Mailbox to a .PST file. Follow the steps provided:

1. The mailbox needs to be set as a Full Access Mailbox in the Control Panel.

2. Set up the Users profile by configuring Outlook using the Auto Detect method to make a full access connection.

3. Once the profile has completed, Export the mailbox to a .PST file, the process differs depending on the version of Outlook. Please view the appropriate KB article.

4. You can now access the Control Panel to Remove the User's Mailbox.

Option 2

Remove the User's Mailbox

If you do not need the information within the Users Mailbox simply Remove the User from the Control Panel.Note: If you wish to keep receiving email for that user and no longer need the Mailbox....You can remove the user within the Control Panel > Wait 2 hours > Add the Users Email Address as an Alias to another Mailbox within the Control Panel.